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Tips For Valentine's Day 2017 in Sydney

Valentine's Day 2017 in Sydney

In Sydney  Valentine 's Day is a romantic date where couples and friends give each other flowers, chocolates, jewelry and many other gifts of all shapes and sizes. In addition. This event is celebrated on 14 February each year.

Valentine's Day is a day that many Australians celebrate this day with the person they love. For all the couples that celebrate Valentine's Day in Sidney here we suggest some ideas to enjoy this time in the company of your partner or love ones.

  • Picnic in the park.
  • Giving gifts likes chocolates ,flower, jewelry and other items for you're loved ones.
  • A cruise on a boat with a special meal.
  • Sharing messages of Valentine's Day through social networks and radio advertisements.

Tips: Some people choose Valentine's Day as the day to propose to their girlfriend, while others set February 14 as the day for their wedding. Some charities, non-governmental organizations,community organizations, celebrate special events like the ball of Valentine's Day, to raise funds for various good causes. 

Important: Valentine's Day is a celebration , but it is not a holiday in Australia .Restaurants , theaters , cafes and shops selling products related to Valentine's Day, they become quite busy on this day. Those who desire to eat on Valentine's Day must make a reservation to your restaurant of choice in advance.

Music: For celebrate this day, we leave you with a video of our Australian pop singer John Paul Young, and his worldwide success "Love Is In The Air" (1978).

History: Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries of the world. The origins of Valentine's Day are unclear, but many sources believe it is the result of the story of Valentine's Day, a Roman priest who was martyred, around the 14th of February, the year 270 AC. Valentine's Day has become increasingly popular in Australia over the last few years,especially during the twentieth century, and it continues to be celebrated among many Australians nowadays.

The most common symbols of Valentine's Day are heart shapes , used to decorate many things, including cards, trees, wrapping paper, gift boxes and cookies. Other symbols associated with Valentine's Day are pairs of birds, teddy bears , Cupid and his arrows and couples kissing or hugging . The colors red and pink colors are often associated with Valentine's Day

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