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Tinder Gold : It's Time To Be Smarter

When you create your Tinder profile Gold , sometimes, is not easy to select which one of your pictures will be the best one to put first. Perhaps your photo with your cat is the right one, or maybe the one of you playing guitar, one with your brother/sister, or the one with your BBFs. 


Now all your concerns are about to get over with the newest Tinder’s feature called “Smart Photos”.

This new function works with all your current pictures on your profile, and alternate them for a few minutes, Why? Because Tinder will consider the most liked one as the first photo your future matches will see first.  

After more than a week testing it, people is very happy with this new algorithm, they say now their matches increased about 12% without doing anything else, they just needed to activate this new function and that was it.

The first impression  to tinder Gold really matters and that was the reason why Tinder decided to do something about it. Tinder has more than 50 million users around the World and sometimes it is not easy to see everyone’s profile and we just have a look at the first picture on it. That is not a good idea neither a bad one because some people is more photogenic than others, and the one you think is not prettier than others may be the most interesting one.


Last year has been an amazing year for Online Dating, Tinder has improved all their services, they added new features like “My Anthem” (you can choose and show the song that suits you better in Spotify) or “Boost” (Your profile will be seen first for 30 minutes in your area). If you combine all those incredible function plus a good and complete profile you will find (perhaps) the love of your life… or at least someone cool, to go out for a few drinks, or a lunch/dinner, or whatever you want to do, meeting people is one of the most satisfying simple pleasures life has to offer.


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