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Rise & Fall of The League

In the World of the online dating you can find a lot of options, there are plenty of Apps or website where you can find thousands and thousands of handsome people, but there is one for the self proclaimed “exclusive people” and it is called The League.


+ What is The League?
It is a dating app where, according to their website, you can find people with a same educational level , ambitions, religion or even height preferences. That sounds actually weird, isn’t it?

+ How can I get an account in there?
They have a really picky filter, that means if they do not consider you cool enough you won’t ever get access to it.
Another important thing is that if you do not have a LinkedIn account or you do not want to pay a membership for $15 USD/Month or $179 USD anually to pass through this filter, even if your Facebook account is perfect for them, The League will not even consider you as a candidate for this “exclusive” dating app.


+ What will I find in there?
There is a lot of mystery around The League, but when it was release in New York City, late last year, the app allowed only 2.500 users. The League’s users are self proclaimed “Elitists” and you can find lots of lawyers, doctors and tech executives. 

According to Amanda Bradford, The League’s creator, decided to create something different because she did not have good experience in dating apps. The League’s boss thinks that out there is not much privacy, because co-workers, people from her business relations or even her Facebook friends were looking at her profile on those dating apps. Also, she was not really into the guys she found in there.

Tinder, as you know, is really different, we do not have much filters, the only things we care about are: you being a real person, not underage, if you are actually willing to meet somebody new and last one but not less important your security and privacy.

Apps like The League are not considered ethically right, people should not discriminate other people just because they think you do not work in a “proper” place or you do not look good enough for them. In our society, you will find a lot of people with self esteem problems, an Apps like The League, are not a solution to it, sometimes those people is looking to meet somebody and doing that helps them to feel better.


What does people think? Is it good to be that much selective?

Do you ever felt discriminated? If so, Where was it? Are those kind of Apps really worth it?

We, as a dating website, do not think it is the best way to make feel people comfortable, because everyone should have their chances to meet new people all the time,

Is it fair to not be able to know someone new just because you are not considered cool enough for The League?



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