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Destroying Gender Roles One Date At a Time

In today’s society, we usually hear that men and women are finally equal. We believe they have the same rights and the same opportunities.

Shocking news: this isn’t true.

Of course, the law says we’re all equal, but saying and doing are two different things.

If a man raises his voice, he’s being a leader… If a woman raises her voice, everyone will think she’s being bossy. If a boy has many dates, he’s a winner… If a girl has many dates, she won’t be taken seriously. If a boy uploads a photo where he’s shirtless, no problem… if a girl does so, she’s “not respecting herself”. What does nudity and self-respect have to do with each other? Why do people assume that if a girl uploads a photo where she’s “sexy” o even naked, she does not deserve to be respected? Maybe she likes her body? Maybe she’s not ashamed of showing herself?

I’ll tell you why society prefers girls who doesn’t want to be seen: because they want them to feel self-conscious and insecure. Girls grow up being taught to be submissive, that’s the place they’re supposed to occupy. I’m not saying that women have to upload erotic pictures to be proud of their bodies, I’m only stating that the ones who do probably do it because they find it empowering and because they love their bodies… which is so great.

If you are a girl who dates boys (or even a feminine lesbian who dates androgyny women) I’m sure you’ve heard the following 4 phrases:

1- Don’t show him too much interest. He will think you’re an easy girl and he will leave you.

2- Don’t ever text him first after a date. Men are the ones who have to do that, if you do, he’ll feel intimidated.

3- Don’t EVER have sex with him on the first date. He won’t take you seriously and he’ll never want to be your boyfriend. You’ll be only a one-night-stand. 

4- Dress decently. If you are provocative and show too much skin, men will think you are “asking for it”.

I’ll tell you what I think about these phrases: 

-Number one makes NO SENSE. If a person is interested in you, they’ll be happy to see you're both on the same page. It’s true that some people enjoy complicate situations… this is not something that depends on the gender of a person (spoiler, anything depends on the gender itself) but you have to avoid this kind of person at all costs

-Number two: as I said before, girls learn to be submissive because that’s what society says they show. Texting first is exactly the opposite; by texting first you demonstrate initiative. Is it true that some boys don’t like it? Of course, but once again, they are not worth it. You, as a strong woman, will find (if that’s what you want) someone who appreciate that you feel the desire to call him or her first (or whenever you feel like). 

-About number three: NEVER feel the pressure to sleep with someone on the first date (OR EVER). But if that’s what you want, don't deprive yourself of doing it because you’re thinking what people will think! Don’t forget it girl: your body, your choice.

-Number four is just TERRIBLE. Hideous people use these words to blame victims of rape. It doesn’t matter how you dress, your clothes don’t speak for you. You’re the only one who can express contentment.

Please, specially if you’re a girl don’t judge other girls for what they do with their lives.

Sorority is so important. Don’t forget it: other girls are not your competition, they’re your sisters.

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